The Pledge To Kiss Donald Trump’s Azz From This Day Forward

Caught my attention, and for that I’m grateful. Listen, say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but she didn’t sign a pledge to kiss Donald Trump’s azz from this day forward. Everybody and their momma, thought Trump had faltered, when he signed that pledge. C’mon, that was “window dressing,” but beyond that, Trump was standing over the other 2016 GOP candidates, because they were all on their knees, kowtowing to Trump. You can’t make this sh*t up! :-D.

Oh, and by the way, when Trump announced that he just wanted the RNC to be nice to him, in reality, he was publicly bullying Reince Priebus. By coercing the other GOP candidates into signing a pledge to kiss his [Trump] azz from this day forward. Trump is the Chairman of the Board in the Republican Party, but in case you’d missed it, on September 3, 2015, Trump let it be known that he was the new Chairman of the RNC. In the words of Joe Biden, “This is a big fuc*ing deal.” 😀

So, what’s next for the Republican Party? I say, more revenge, betrayal, deceit, and my favorite, more Republican Traitors coming out of the woodwork. You’ll know them, when you see them, and the best part, they all want to be more like Trump. Some of them are living vicariously through Trump, so the fun will never stop.

Trump’s advocates are well versed in this talking point, I’m paraphrasing, “Trump will bring prosperity to every American.” Nice words to hear, but excuse me, Trump is the same person threatening to deport 11 million Americans. Prosperity my azz, just the old, stale, and outdated, divide and conquer strategy. I get it, in many circles, that scam is still profitable. I ain’t mad at Trump, because Donald Trump’s Betrayal is as lucrative to me as Donald Trump’s Deportation scam is to the Chairman of the Republican Party. It’s a win, win.

Stay tune, because Donald Trump’s Betrayal makes Empire look like Mister Roger’s Neighborhood.

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