Everybody Plays The Fool

Once upon a time, the birthers played the fool for our corporate media apparatus, until Donald Trump came along in 2011 and showed the birthers some much needed love. It was a match made in dante’s inferno. Today, 2015, the birthers have grown in numbers, they include, but are not limited to racists. Today, birthers come in all shapes, sizes, nationalities, religion, sexual orientation, income, political affiliation, you name it. So, yes, it was a complete shock for the Good Ole Boys to come to the brutal realization that they need the birthers more than they need, Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression and that Donald Trump is the birther King. But in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, the Good Ole Boys found a scapegoat or two, President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Beneath their smug veneer, the Good Ole Boys believe they can harm President Obama and Hillary Clinton by thinking angry thoughts about them. In other words, the Good Ole Boys suffer from the “magical thinking” syndrome. Which is exactly why the Good Ole Boys unwillingly played the fool for Donald Trump back in 2011 and today, they’ve gone out of their way to cut and run from Donald Trump. How fortunes changed, because the “established” Republicans campaigning for the 2016 GOP nomination are being trounced by Trump in the polls. It’s so bad, that the corporate media apparatus is trying to save face for them. Because when faced with the fact, that the “established” Republicans are all fu*king dorks, and not even the birthers want to be associated with them, our corporate media apparatus pulled a rabbit or two out of it’s azz. The Iran Deal, and of course, Hillary’s emails. To be fair, what else do they have? I mean, with all the Republicans Traitors coming out of the woodwork, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is the last thing the Good Ole Boys want to talk about. Luckily for us, we can expect more vicious, insidious, and deceitful rhetoric from our corporate media apparatus on the Iran Deal and on Hillary’s emails. C’mon, revenge is a dish best server cold. ;-D

Gluttony is a disorder, a mental deficiency cause by the fear of scarcity. The Good Ole Boys suffer from this disorder, but the good news is, that because of Obamacare, they too can seek help. Do we need more politicians with an abundance consciousness? Yes, we do, and the good news is, that we already have some. You know who they are, because the Good Ole Boys conspicuously seek attention by vilifying them.

Donald Trump and the rest of those Republican Traitors want us to believe that 11 million Americans are the source of all our problems. That if we get rid of 11 millions Americans, we get rid of all of our problems. For one thing, I agree, but don’t get it twisted, just who should be deported, that’s where I don’t agree. I say let’s deport 11 million Republicans and start with the ones in Washington, D.C. What do you mean, they didn’t break any laws? OK, I’ll just call you Rip Van Winkle, cause you’ve obviously been asleep for over 40 years. I ain’t mad at cha. 😀

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