Superficial and Transient

Was the relationship Trump had with the Good Ole Boys. It was long enough for Trump to seized the birther movement right from under their noses, in plain sight, and the best part, the Good Ole Boys were cheering Trump on. That was 2011, however, in 2015, the cat got out of the bag, Donald Trump’s Betrayal was revealed and the rest is Literary Heaven.

The idea to deport 11 million Americans has its benefits, because the first 11 million Americans that should be deported are Republicans and let’s start with the ones in Washington. Alright, settled down, it’s not such a good idea now, thought so!

Republicans better recognize, Hillary Clinton has supreme powers. How do I know? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because Hillary Clinton does not need a man to give her a sense of self-worth. Don’t get it twisted, there’s nothing wrong with being a woman who does need a man to give her a sense of self-worth. Both had and will continue to co-exist up in the bitch. I ain’t mad at women who need a man to give them a sense of self-worth, as a matter of fact, I say, “Good luck with that.” I just identify with Hillary Clinton, so excuse me, but the last time I’d checked, a woman will be President of the United States. The problem is that some men, in the political arena, show a callous disregard for the rights and feelings of all women. Some men knowingly, or unknowingly, dismiss women in their quest to feel like a man. Know this, Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, Equality, and Supreme Powers, so vilifying her is really an erotic behavior perpetrated by some men in this country. From where I’m seating, they all behave like they’re obsessed with her. I get it why some men harbor hostile feelings towards Hillary, because they’re repressing their love for her. It’s childish, but hey, behaving childishly comes with the territory of being a Republican.

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