The Perfect Birther Storm

I can only speak for myself, but Donald Trump’s press conference on August 28, 2015, was as spectacular as a shooting star. I’ll give credit where credit is due, because Trump is really good at giving birthers a sense of superiority. While at the same time, he threw shade on the Good Ole Boys and their ventriloquist dummies. Does it get any better, knowing that the Good Ole Boys had no qualm giving millions of Americans the middle finger, but as soon as Trump gave the Good Ole Boys the middle finger, they threw a tantrum. Here’s the moral of this story, “Don’t start betrayal, won’t be betrayed.”

You know the old saying, “Sh*t Happens,” well this birther storm swirling around most of the 2016 GOP candidates and their campaign staff is leaving a trail of destruction. All you have to do is look at their, “Deer in the headlights” expressions. Seriously, their reactions to Trump often seems childish, unsophisticated, and exposes their lack of courage. Trump actually scared the bejesus out of the other 2016 GOP candidates. It’s so bad, I can hear them crying, “Uncle.” Luckily for us, the next chapter of this made for TV drama is revenge. That’s right, Trump better watch his back, because you don’t betray the Good Ole Boys and walk away unscathed. The intentions of the Good Ole Boys was to waltz back into the White House in 2017 by way of Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression. BUT, their plans were derailed by Donald Trump.

Don’t get me started, because Trump is actually helping my agenda of getting a $15 dollar federal minimum wage law passed, sooner not later. Hear me out, because of Donald Trump’s Betrayal, the Republican Party is being deported back into irrelevancy.Their ideas no longer matter to anyone, not even the birthers. So yea,  I’m a happy camper, because Hillary Clinton is aligned with Equality and Infinite Wisdom, so knowing that and feeling that, means a $15 dollar federal minimum wage law is already here. Oh, and by the way, I think it’s safe to say that Republicans finally found their WMD, and his name is Donald Trump. However, except for the Traitors, most Republicans want to cut and run from Trump.

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