When You Play With Betrayal, You’re Bound to Get Burned.

It’s like a jungle in the Republican Party, a jungle full of Predators, all doing one thing and doing it well, perpetrating betrayal on millions of Americans. However, a Traitor in the midst, betrayed the Predators, and the sh*t just hit the fan. With betrayal comes revenge, so excuse me for having fun blogging about it. We’ve all been there, you know, we woke up one morning, the next thing we knew, some other person was living our life. I can only speak for myself, but I didn’t take to kindly with this person, at first. I kid you not, it’s not what happens to you, it’s how you handle it, that determines your emotional well being. Based on the revenge tactics others used against Trump, do you see why I think, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is an awesome story. But, it gets better, those who perpetrated betrayal upon millions of Americans with Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, bemoan being betrayed by Donald Trump. I think Time magazine said it best, “Deal with it.”

It amazing to me how predictable Republicans behave, because in order to fulfill their high opinions of themselves, they found a scapegoat, Hillary’s emails. Also amazing to me, how some Liberals thought electing our first female President of the United States, was going to be easy. Again, I think Time magazine said it best, “Deal with it.” Who told you that electing our first female President of the United States, was going to be a walk in the park? They lied! 😀 OK, now we can move pass that assumption, so, let’s take a deep breathe, exhale, relax, calm the fu*k down, and feel worthy of having our next President of the United States.

Sometimes, you just gotta act, like what you want, is already here. That’s easier said than done. So, guess what, it’s my opportunity to share with you a story about a great Equalizer to help us feel more relaxed. Holy smokes, you and I are worthy of abundance and for some reason, I just like writing that (you and I are worthy of abundance) down and reading it back to myself. It’s comforting and we can relate to that. Nothing worth having comes easy, but making it look easy, in my opinion, President Obama did it best. Trust me on this, when it comes to betrayal, Donald Trump makes it look easy, this is why I’m so grateful having a catbird seat to this story, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal.”

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