Methink Roger Ailes Doth Protest Too Much

Hear me out, Roger Ailes is a Good Ole Boy, he does one thing, and he does it well, revenge. Since October 7, 1996, Roger Ailes nurtured the anger of millions of Americans, enabled them to live in fear, denied them the peace they so deserved, and out of that grew birtherism, among other schemes. Birtherism gave Roger Ailes plenty of ammunition to seek revenge against our first African-American President. However, in 2011, Trump seized onto the birther movement and stole it from under Ailes’s nose, while, (This is the best part so far) Ailes unwittingly cheered him on. It wasn’t until Trump began rising in the polls that Ailes knew he had been duped. So, in order to fulfill his high opinion of himself, Ailes plotted revenge against Trump. Remember, you heard it here first.

After the first 2016, GOP debate, Ailes had to face his own failure of not annihilating Trump. So, in true Good Ole Boy fashion, Ailes found a scapegoat, this time it was Megyn Kelly. Don’t get me wrong, Ailes still seeks revenge against our President, it’s called, “Bringing the sheep back home.” Holy smokes, nothing says, “I love you,” to a birther than vilifying our President. Truth be told, whatever Ailes said in public about Megyn Kelly, he means just the opposite. You know this, because the other two male debate moderators, went unscathed. C’mon, Ailes is a Good Ole Boy, and what they say in public, is not what they say in their, “Quiet Rooms.”  Not Trump, he’s being true to his Good Old Boy self, because he betrayed the Good Ole Boys, by not hiring a ventriloquist dummy, but jump into the 2016 GOP nomination armed with millions of millions of birthers.

My cup runneth over, seriously, betrayal, revenge, treason, and greed all rolled up in Donald Trump’s Betrayal, it’s too good to be true. ;-D I ain’t gonna lie, this emailer movement has its benefits too. It’s called, “Having a catbird seat,” while Republicans do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different outcome. We’ve seen this anger before, millions of Americans are encouraged to finding a scapegoat when faced with their own failures. This way they can indulge in their persecution complex. Republican are masters in the art of the persecution complex, and you know this because their behavior is held in high esteem by those who vote for them. Many politicians are nothing more, nothing less than ego-addicted, but that’s a good thing in our story telling world, just saying!

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