Trumpism Is A Worthy Investment

I say this with kindness, but who would have thunk it, that the investments the Good Ole Boys made in Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, for now, had failed miserably.  C’mon, the Good Ole Boys were betrayed by Donald Trump and some of us have a catbird seat. Does it get any better than that, especially in the literary world. Stories of betrayal, that’s money in the bank, for some writers. Coupled with revenge, what can I tell you other than, it’s money in the bank. Donald Trump’s Betrayal came from the spirit world, captured my attention, and the rest is blogger history. Listen, if you like this story, don’t fight your feelings of worthiness. everything will be alright. Here’s my unsolicited advice, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

When confronted by their failures, the Good Ole Boys found a scapegoat or two, the Iran Deal, and Hillary’s emails. Ain’t nothing wrong with that strategy. However, Donald Trump’s Betrayal has its benefits. These stories are extremely lucrative to those in a catbird seat. No kidding Sherlock, ;-D, some of us have unique opportunities and there’s nothing wrong with that strategy. So, you could take the path well traveled, or leave a path that others will follow. So, yes, I’d invested in Trumpism.

Just like birtherism was exploited by the Good Ole Boys for their own personal gratification, so too will emailerism. I ain’t mad at birthers, because they’re giving the Republicans a huge dose of their own medicine. Thought I’d never see the day when a Good Ole Boy would call another Good Ole Boy a counterfeit. It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your masks. ;-D

I knew this day was coming, and when it did, boy was I not disappointed. Donald Trump’s Betrayal is worth its weight in gold. The Good Ole Boys revenge tactics, are priceless, and all you have to do is stay tune.

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