Hunted: The War Inside The Republican Party

Donald Trump struck Texas Tea and Black Gold when he became the birther King back in 2011. By the year 2015, Trump’s betrayal of the Good Ole Boys became public knowledge to anyone paying attention. I was and yes, I too struck Texas Tea and Black Gold, because, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal” has its benefits. I ain’t gonna lie, having a catbird seat to, “Donald Trump’s Betrayal” is priceless, but connecting to others aligned with creative story telling, out of this world phenomenon. No words for it, except, gratitude. Imma be optimistic about our future Government leaders, we deserve no less than the best, I mean, aren’t you use to it by now, I am. I was as shock as anyone when Donald Trump began climbing the polls and defeating the, “Ventriloquist dummies” aka the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates. My shock turned into seeing an opportunity, and the rest is blogger history.

When the Good Ole Boys perpetrated an epic betrayal upon millions of Americans, I’m guessing they’d temporarily forgotten the rules of, “Giving and Receiving.” You know where I’m going with this, you reap what you sow. What part of, “The consequences for betraying others, is that others will betray you,” don’t the Good Ole Boys not understand? Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression betrayed millions of Americans, what did the Good Ole Boys expect besides dominance over our Government?  Let this be a lesson to future politicians, or not. Either way, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is worth its weight in gold.

Roger Ailes’s revenge against Donald Trump was flawless. He purposely invited Trump to appear on FOX, (The brain of the Republican Party), numerous times, while plotting to ambush Trump during the first Republican’s Presidential debate. Trump was blindsided and responded like the true Good Ole Boy, that he is, he sought revenge. Now do you see how betrayal and revenge are aligned with the Good Ole Boys. This is why this story rocks, why some people are intrigued, why stories like this one are lucrative to many in the Literary world. It’s open season in the Republican Party, as the hunter becomes the hunted.

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