Revenge Of The Birthers

After November 4, 2008, as more and more birthers realized that they were never going to be good enough for Republicans, their cries for attention felled on deaf ears until Donald Trump show up and gave them some much needed attention, and the rest is karma. What you won’t here on FOX, is that while Donald Trump was being cheered by the Good Old Boys and Republicans back in 2011, because he [Trump] had taken on the birther movement, Donald Trump at that same time, was betraying the Good Old Boys. Having lived through the excessively childish behavior of Bush/Cheney for eight years and counting, I know a fabulous story when I see on. One where the Good Old Boys fertilized our political environment with fear, while they had no qualms betraying millions of Americans. Also, how our corporate media apparatus made and still is making a fortune vilifying the Poor, Elderly, Disabled, Women, Men and Boys of color, GLBT, I can go on, but you get the picture. Then as soon as the Good Old Boys realized they were duped, bamboozled, and made of fool of by Donald Trump, they decided to moon walk. Today, they want me to believe that they never cheered Donald Trump in 2011, that it was all a dream. Well, all I can say is, “Sweet Dreams are made of these.

Can you imagine waking up this morning knowing you’ve been betrayed by Donald Trump approximately five years ago and today, everybody knows you were totally clueless at the time of the betrayal. That you cheered Donald Trump effortlessly back then, but today you detest him. Five years ago, Donald Trump was the hero of the Good Old Boys and Republicans, but today, he’s anything but a hero.

Tell the truth, some of you love a good story about betrayal, greed, and my favorite, karma. If you’re like me, today is a good day.

Relax, take a deep breathe, by now you know that Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom and Equality. Nobody said it would be easy to electing her as our 45th President. Remember, anything worth having is worth fighting for, so brush your shoulders off Hillary Clinton supporter, because we’re optimistic about our future.

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