Who’s Afraid Of The Donald?

The entire Republican Party and RNC. Truth be told, Republicans had no qualms repeatedly threatening millions of Americans, by verbally attacking Social Security, the Retirement age, Income Equality, Medicaid, Welfare, Disability, and other Government programs honoring the worthiness of millions of Americans. As if that wasn’t enough, Republicans gush over Government programs that honor the worthiness of Billionaires. Here’s the best part, recently Donald Trump threatened Republicans and the RNC, with splitting the Republican Party significantly and that scared the hell out of them. To the degree, they all kowtowed to Trump. Imma keep it real, Republicans detest Donald Trump, so, if you think Republicans rhetoric against their perceived foes was over the top before, fasten your seat belt, they’re about to take it up a notch or two. Thankfully, the Republican’s saving grace is that their toxic rhetoric, is all the rage with our corporate media apparatus, and who could blame it. Fortunes had been and are made by fear mongers, they know a submissive audience when they see one. The birthers with their misplaced anger and rage.

Somebody is barking up the wrong tree this morning. I won’t say his name, but here’s a news flash, Republicans don’t give a rat’s azz about millions of African-Americans. All one has to do, is look at all those Republican’s Voter Suppression laws, c’mon, don’t get me started on their other schemes, like, stand your ground laws, that callously disregard African-Americans’ rights. Listen, I know the birthers are delighted and had been for some time, thanks to you, but you’re beating a dead horse.

With all their misplaced anger and rage issues, I’m suggesting that the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate’s first debate be titled, “Who’s afraid of the Donald?

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