Once Upon A Time, The Good Old Boys Treated Donald Trump Like Royalty

While simultaneously, Donald Trump was betraying them and they were clueless. That’s one of the creme de la creme of this story. While the Good Old Boys were distracted by their betrayal of millions of Americans by Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, Donald Trump keep busy by betraying them. Trump took on the birther movement approximately five years ago, the birthers felled in love with him, and the rest is Karma. C’mon, you remembered how not one of Trumps business partners dissolved their relationship with him for insulting our 44th President’s citizenship status. Not one Republican resisted smirking and cheering Trump in plain sight. What we’ve come to believe is that when Republicans callously danced on the rights and feelings of millions of Americans, Trump was dancing on their rights and feelings. What we’re witnessing today is a much different reaction to Trump. Donald Trump betrayed the Good Old Boys on a colossal scale approximately five years ago, but because of their ego addiction, the Good Old Boys were blindsided. All their Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, can’t put the Republican Party back together again. They have no answers to slowing down the Trump express, and that my friends is as good as karma gets.

I want to amend a statement from yesterday regarding my question on Republicans not gaining anything from their relentless attacks on our 44th President for over eight years. Well, I’ll admit, Republicans did gain something and his name is Donald Trump. So having a catbird seat watching how Republicans misplaced their anger, it’s one of the more fascination observation to write about. Not only that, but Republican voters are demonstrating once again and in public, their misplaced anger issues. Republicans never delivered on their “promoses” to Republican voters, so why they choose to go public with their misplaced anger issues, that to is fascinating to watch.

I get it that Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom, so knowing that, I also know that the abundance we received from our 44th President, was because he is aligned with Infinite Patience, We deserve more progressive achievements for decades to come. Equality is worth fighting for, so yes, I’m a Hillary Clinton supporter and I’m detached from the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, because everything will be alright. Relax, come join me on my adventures of Donald Trump’s Betrayal.

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