Donald Trump Makes Betrayal Look Easy

Imma keep it real. Donald Trump used his power of persuasion to hijack the birther movement from under the noses of the Good Old Boys, while they, [Good Old Boys] unwillingly cheered him on. Do you understand now why this story is so delicious? I ain’t gonna lie, I didn’t know anything about Donald Trump’s Betrayal beforehand. I’m just like the Good Old Boys, it blindsided me. However, I’d connected the dots, and boy was I not disappointed. One interesting face about who belongs in the birther movement includes, but is not limited to, your relatives, your co-workers, and your neighbors. I’ll give credit, where credit is due, to our corporate media apparatus for creating the birther movement by systematically fear mongering. Ok, in addition to that, the Good Old Boys had no qualms perpetrated their own strategies, i.e. Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression while simultaneously, betraying millions of Americans. Here’s the best part, today, the Good Old Boys are desperately trying to systematically scare (talks of going to war with Iran) their sheep back into the flock. What I find more interesting to talk about, is how in warp speed, the Good Old Boy’s confidence eroded and that deer in the headlights look, most of the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates prefer.  All because they too, found out just like the rest of us, that Donald Trump betrayal the Good Old Boys approximately five years ago. Seriously, I could not find a better story to tell.

Can you imagine how much self-repudiation Bush, Walker, Perry, Christie, etc., feel every morning facing their enormous egos while trailing Donald Trump in the polls? Can you also imagine how embarrassed the Good Old Boys feel every morning knowing that Donald Trump betrayed them some five years ago, while they cheered him on? C’mon, don’t be shy, this story is a gift to thousands, maybe millions of Literary Entrepreneurs. I ain’t mad at Donald Trump, just saying!

Donald Trump struck Texas Tea and Black Gold when he hijacked the birther movement years ago, while the Good Old Boys were cheering him. The moral of this story, While the Good Old Boys were playing in the dark, in the light, it looks like they were being played.

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