The Power Of Persuasion

Truth be told, Donald Trump is aligned with the Power of Persuasion, i.e. Texas Tea and Black Gold, so forgive me, but I’m grateful for Trump. I can only speak for myself, but is it wrong that I’m smiling for having a catbird seat to an epic political story where one man tapped into the power of persuasion over millions of angry people, where betrayal, greed, and lust for becoming a traitor are abundant. My story, Donald Trump’s Betrayal could easily be called Donald Trump’s Redemption. Look at it this way, as long as Donald Trump is sucking up all the air from the other 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, and reminding me that I too can tap into the power of persuasion, then why look a gift horse in the mouth?

I’ll admit, that the one desire I have for my blog site is tapping into the power of persuasion. In my world, that’s Texas Tea and Black Gold, so, if you ask me, Donald Trump is teaching me a valuable lesson about aligning with the power of persuasion. There’s an old saying, “Don’t shoot the messenger.” 

OK, this story is a little raw at times, I mean, karma is a bitch, you reap what you sow, if you feel that, you’ll enjoy this story, if not, I know there’s a story out there for you to enjoy and you’ll find it.

Donald Trump is on a mission, for how long, who knows, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to tell his most recent story.  I don’t know about you, but I’m on a roll, because fortunes had been made from stories based on similar betrayal, greed, and my favorite, people who sellout to their enemies. Think about this, Donald Trump became enemy number one to the Good Old Boys, because he betrayed them, even better than that, other Republicans are selling out to Trump. Congratulations to the 51st traitor, Rep. Mark Meadows, who come out of the woodshed and betrayed John Boehner. Stay tune, for more betrayal, more greed, and more selling out.

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