Not One, But Two Republican Traitors

My cup runneth over, because Huckabee, and Priebus publicly betrayed Republicans by jumping, no leaping onto the Trump Express. Say what you want about Trump, but so far, three Republicans had publicly betrayed the Republican Party. First there was the meeting between Cruz and Trump, then epic betrayal by Cruz against McConnell. Alliances were formed and team Trump got their first traitor. Then simultaneously, Priebus and Huckabee turned traitor and joined team Trump Express. May I remind you, that Cruz, Priebus, and Huckabee all made a business decision to join Trump, because Trump struck Texas Tea and Black Gold. Already Trump received nine billion dollars, who wouldn’t be impressed? May I also remind you, that Trump went where no Republican had gone before, he publicly betrayed the Republican Party. Trump’s betrayal triggered a tsunami of traitors inside the Republican Party.  Cruz was one of the original 47 traitors who sent a letter to the Iran leaders. So it’s no surprise Cruz jumped on team Trump. However, in warp speed, Priebus and Hackabee made the leap. At this rate, three more traitors are plotting as I write this blog post. Who will be the next traitor(s)?

C’mon, you have to admit that Huckabee was auditioning to join team Trump by invoking systemic fear over and over again in the minds of angry Republican voters. Like taking candy from a baby, Huckabee proved he was worthy of joining team Trump. As in the case with Cruz, they both have something that Trump wants, angry Republican voters. Quid Pro Quo is alive and well on the Trump Express. Will Bush, Walker, Perry, and the others follow suit and create alliances? Time is running out, Trump had secure three traitors and if my instincts are right, there are many more traitors plotting and scheming. It’s a good life for Trump.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but last week our corporate media apparatus felled in love with an army of political pundits, most of whom came out of the woodshed, predicting Trump’s demise, but today, most are singing a different tune. In the words of Bridget Anne Kelly, “Is it wrong that I’m smiling.” 😀 I’m not gonna lie, Donald Trump’s Betrayal is this Literary Entrepreneur’s dream come true. It’s everything I could ever want in a story, betrayal, money, suspense, and my favorite, traitors. The Good Old Boys vs. The Traitors Club, is priceless.

Remember there are 46 other Republican Traitors who sent a letter to the Iran leaders that Trump can pick from, i.e

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