Voter Suppression Of Any Kind

Sucks. Here’s the question I have for all the GOP 2016 Presidential candidates, “How do you think those millions of Americans felt when Republicans took away their rights to vote shortly after the SCOTUS gutted the Voting Rights Act on April, 8, 2014?” The only answer is, “They felt betrayed by Republicans, which is ironic, because in 2015, Donald Trump betrayed all the other 2016 GOP Presidential candidates with another kind of voter suppression. And guess what, Republicans don’t like this kind of voter suppression.”  For over a year, Republicans perpetrated voter suppression laws on millions of Americans, while smugly appearing on television and arrogantly blaming their behavior on their own exaggerated voter fraud theory. Today, Republicans had to face a different kind of voter suppression, one that was aimed at their egos. Bush, Walker, Perry, Christie, Huckabee, etc, it must suck like hell trailing behind Donald Trump in the national polls, knowing that Trump took the Republican voter’s enthusiasm and their votes away from you. The moral of this story, “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.

When Republicans were perpetrating voter suppression laws, they betrayed millions of Americans. But today, those same Republicans want us to believe that Donald Trump doesn’t represent them. Earth to Republicans, Trump is a mirror image, a twin, has the same betrayal DNA that Bush, Walker, Christie, Perry, Huckabee, etc, has. Yes Republicans, voter suppression is like fire, you play with it, you’ll get burned.

Who will be the next Republican traitor? Inquiring minds want to know. Will it be Walker, Perry, Christie, Bush, or any of the other GOP 2016 Presidential candidates? Will he or she be someone not running in the 2016 GOP primaries?  The suspense is palpable, can you feel it?  Journalists, get on your mark, get set, and go find the next Republican traitor.

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