Green Eyed Monster

While under federal indictment on charges of abuse of power, Rick Perry crawled onto his crooked pedestal, looked sideways to Donald Trump, to the delight of our corporate media apparatus. Oh, but wait, this love story between Perry and our corporate media apparatus continued, with headlines such as, “Rick Perry’s epic tirade against the cancer of Trump-ism, or, Rick Perry slams Donald Trump-ism, or Rick Perry calls Donald Trump a cancer on conservatism.” C’mon, Rick Perry is suffering from the green eyed monster disease as well as the other 2016 GOP candidates, oh my bag, excluding Ted Cruz. Not only did Donald Trump strike Texas Tea and Black Gold by publicly betraying Republicans, his enthusiasm is contagious and spreading to other Republicans. So, the silver lining for bloggers like me, is that it didn’t take long for another Republican to give into the temptation known as Betrayal. Ted Cruz surrendered to betrayal and all I can say to the John Roberts’s Court is, “Watch your backs.” On the horizon and waiting in the shadows of these two men, for her own debut of public betrayal, Sarah Palin. Her quid pro quo public betrayal of John McCain, was worth its weight in Black Gold.

Are you really that surprised, that after five short years Republicans are reaping what they sowed? Republicans coupled with their Billionaire benefactors had betrayed millions of Americans, i.e., Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression, but today, they’re either, throwing a tantrum over, or embarrassing themselves on national television because of, or trying to minimize, the devastation of Donald Trump’s betrayal? Then as if that wasn’t enough drama, how about those traitors who said uncle and surrendered to publicly betraying other Republicans, right Ted Cruz. If you want the real deal on all this betrayal, look no further, imma big fan of stories about betrayal. If you’re not shy when it comes to betrayal, let me welcome you to the epic story of Donald Trump’s Betrayal.

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