Republicans Betrayed Military Men/Women As Much If Not More

OK, you tell me, who do you think is also negatively burden by Republicans haste to cutting social programs, i.e. food stamps? I’ll tell you, it’s military families, thousands of military families had food taken from their tables, their children given the middle finger by Republicans. Then Republicans threw a tantrum over what Donald Trump said about on John  McCain’s military status. Don’t you realize, that in private, behind closed doors, Republicans detest military families as much if not more, than they detest everyone else. Know this, Republicans placate military families in public, but behind closed doors, Republicans maligned military families often and without hesitation. Listen, I know millions of Americans have a short memory, but that’s OK, because it gives blogger like me an unique opportunity to jolt their memories. Remember when Republicans minimized Trump’s insults and taunting of our 44th President’s status as a US citizen? Remember how Republicans asserted that Trump’s behavior was harmless and not irresponsible? But as soon as Trump desecrating Hispanic immigrants, or GOD forbid, desecrated John McCain’s military status, well Houston, now we’ve got a problem. C’mon, the truth shall set you free, Trump betrayed Republicans, by saying in public what they [Republicans] only say behind closed doors. Trump truly represents the Republicans down to their DNA. By now you know our corporate media apparatus will do everything in its power to shun Donald Trump. Those Good Old Boys sent their army of paid pundits to saturate the airwaves with Trump’s demise. From now on, know this America, if anyone is brave enough to betray Republicans, our corporate media apparatus don’t play that. You can vilify our President, but don’t you dare exposed the Republicans dirty little secret. Oh, my bad, you still don’t know their secret, well here it is, the first prerequisite of being a Republican is placating people in public, but in private, malign, desecrate, and vilify them. The moral of this story, “What was once said in the dark, Trump said in the public light.”

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