Hail To The King

Every negative, despicable, and vile word that Republicans used to criticize Donald Trump, they could use to describe Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression. So, I forgive Republicans, because they know not what they do. Think of it this way, Republicans or should I say, the Good Old Boys created the perfect environment for a Donald Trump to grow, but as soon as they reaped what they sowed, guess what, they don’t want it. Well, Republicans, how does your garden grow? With racism, greed, and revenge, that’s how, so stop whining about Donald Trump, because he’s your future. Here’s the good news, Supermen, aka, the Good Old Boys now know that Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and Voter Suppression are kryptonite.

I think it bears repeating that Donald Trump struck Texas Tea and Black Gold when he betrayed the Good Old Boys, so it goes without saying, if Trump can do it, so can I. Imma be real, Bloggers like me, would love to strike Texas Tea and Black Gold. No betrayal involved, just winning the lottery blogger’s style. Abundance is abundance.

If Republicans are so offended by Donald Trump, Sarah Palin was the prototype of, I’ll use McCain’s words, “Fired up the crazy,” in the Republican Party. Republicans loved Sarah Palin so why don’t they love Trump? C’mon, Republicans are either faking their outrage over Trump, or wishing they had the guts to be Trump. Who would have thunk it, since Palin was the Queen, then Trump is the King of the Republican Party.


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