Mean Boys

Couldn’t help but wonder how many Americans laughed at the 2016 GOP Presidential candidate’s pseudo-patriotism? There they were like a bunch of mean boys, hiding behind their Twitter skirt, talking pseudo-patriotism because Donald Trump insulted John McCain. How ironic that John McCain insulted millions of Americans when he pick Sarah Palin as his Vice President, I guess the old saying is true, “He can dish it out, but he can’t take it.”

As long as Donald Trump’s racist and or insulting rhetoric was aim at our 44th President, the entire Republican Party sat on their Twitter hands and said nothing. But as soon as Trump’s racist and or insulting rhetoric was aimed at Hispanics or GOD forbid, a Republican, then the mean boys pulled out their i-phones to complain on Twitter. I’m thrilled, because one of the consequences of Gerrymandering, Citizens United, and voter suppression, is Donald Trump. I think Herman Cain said it best, “Blame yourself. Donald Trump thinks, behaves, talks, and walks just like the Good Old Boys because he’s one of them. Luckily for Bloggers like me, Donald Trump went where no Good Old Boy had gone before, he betrayed his brethren in public.

Listen, imma be real, racists and extremists are slithering out of the Republican/Independent voter’s woodwork to support the Good Old Boy’s stance on immigration, “You Gotta Go.” There may even be some Democrats, I wouldn’t be surprised, but bottom line, Trump represents the Good Old Boys and the Good Old Boys own the Republican Party.

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