Trump 9 Billion, Trump’s Critics 0

You have to admit that so far, all of Trump’s critics are batting zero, goose egg, absolute zero, history of zero, I can go on, but you get the picture. On the other hand, Trump demanded and received 9 billion dollars from the Good Old Boys, now that’s impressive. How did Trump do it? He held the Hispanic vote hostage. Once upon a time, the Good Old Boys decided to play both ends of the immigration stick. While in private they spoke disparaging about Hispanics, but in public they spoke of being kind to them. Jeb Bush had mastered this ploy and was doing well, until Trump came along, held the Hispanic vote hostage, and the rest is history.

Scott Walker is the Good Old Boys last hope of knocking down Trump, so far, and from where I’m seated, Walker is too scared to throw a punch. What’s up with that? Chris Christie gave a last punch to his co-conspirators in Bridge-gate, he’s swinging in the dark. Where in the world is Rand Paul? Ted Cruz took the easy way out, he’s President of Trump’s fan club. The other GOP candidates are nameless, that’s why FOX is dreading hold any debates. The Huffington Post had a tantrum in public, it was really sad.  MSNBC made a smart business decision to give unconditional love to Bernie Sanders and his supporters. But, this is the best part, Hillary supporters have at least one blog site to find unconditional love, right here.

I ain’t made at anyone, no, just the opposite, I’m excited, because Hillary Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom and no matter what happens, we, [Hillary supporters] will be alright. Oh, and by the way, there are more Donald Trumps out there, that will betray the Good Old Boys in public, just saying.

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