Gordon Gekko vs. Gordon Gekko

I knew this day was coming, thanks to Citizens United. Once that scheme [Citizens United], you know, rig elections in favor of Republicans, was given the green light by the Robert’s Court, this war between Gordon Gekko and Gordon Gekko was inevitable. Listen, speaking from a Blogger’s view, this war has its benefits. Republicans alongside their billionaire benefactors [Gordon Gekko] are addicted to wars and frankly they’re just misunderstood. This propensity for being at war either with foreign countries, or within their own back yards, comes with the territory of being a Gordon Gekko. When I tell you, that the Republicans are at war, please don’t be alarmed, because their war involves, but is not limited to, betrayal, backstabbing, and kidnapping. Donald Trump, aka, Gordon Gekko, just recruited his first apprentice, Ted Cruz. How ya like them apples? This is interesting, because no sooner than Trump announced his net fortune, well he actually bragged that his ransom demands were paid in full, instead of nine billion dollars, Trump received ten billion dollars. I can only speak for myself, but Trump had some very good negotiation skills. Holding the Hispanic vote hostage was a Gordon Gekko move. Say what you want about Donald Trump, but he betrayed the other Gordon Gekkos big time.

I’d almost forgot how Republicans were and are reeling from being betrayed by Donald Trump. Isn’t it ironic that they [Gordon Gekko] condoned Donald Trump’s insidious and racist rhetoric aimed at our 44th President, but today, they’re horrified that Trump has a new target, Hispanic immigrants. The moral of this story, “Be careful what you wish for!”

My cup runneth over, what can I say, no sooner than MSNBC gave me and millions of Hillary supporters a “Dear John” letter, they, and I say this with kindness, also gave me an opportunity of a life time. So, I ain’t mad at cha. MSNBC saw greener pasture, i.e. Bernie Sanders, and I’m happy for Bernie Sanders and his supporters. They are worthy of MSNBC’s support and devotion. On the other hand, I feel that Hillary supporters are in the catbird seat and I’ll see you in the winner’s circle.

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