Those Old Sentimental Fools

Republicans were overcome by feelings of nostalgia yesterday, which may explain their kneejerk reactions to another historical success by President Obama. Listen, I feel for Republicans, because they’re sad and in so much pain caused by longing for their glory days of imaginary political prowess. It was no surprise to me, watching another display of Republican nostalgia.

As Republicans rushed to a microphone spouting their kneejerk reactions towards President Obama, their efforts to divert attention away from their predictable, stereotypical rhetoric and pseudo-patriotism, failed. All I saw were a bunch of old sentimental fools.

If you want to hitch a ride on the Republican’s klown kar, I ain’t mad at cha! ;-D To prove my point, I’ll say this with kindness, “Those old sentimental fools are harmless, why they wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Yeah, Republicans live in the past, so what, if you like living in the past, you’re in luck. Nobody does nostalgia better than today’s Republicans. Listen, I’ve gotta give credit where credit is due, it’s a thin line between sentimental longing and pseudo-patriotism, just saying!

I can only speak for myself, but I want to strike Texas Tea and Black Gold as much as Donald Trump struck. Not in the same way, but in my own way, which millions of Bloggers understand, just saying! ;-D So, while the cat’s away the mouse will play.

“War with Iran,” you know, where Republicans never saw a war they didn’t like. Except the title for the next movie about another Republican’s war will be, “Iran for sale.”  It will expose another scheme to distribute billions of tax payer money to the wealthiest among us, while they [the wealthiest] bemoan Americans receiving Social Security. Been there, done that, thanks, but no thanks.

Relax, Hillary supporters got this!

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