She Who Laughs Last, Laughs Longest

It’s funny to me how Donald Trump revealed his ransom demands for releasing the Hispanic vote and how our corporate media apparatus is doing a terrible job trying to divert attention away from that. Nine (9) billion dollars is a hefty sum, but I’m sure the Good Old Boys can afford it. Trump truly struck Texas Tea and Black Gold when he announced his bid for the 2016 Presidency. The best part, the Good Old Boys were laughing years ago when Trump was maligning our 44th President. Don’t get me twisted, our President was unfazed by the umpteenth ploy by the Good Old Boys, to negate his Presidency. But, inadvertently and unbeknownst to the Good Old Boys, Trump was just sharpening his knives. Luckily for Bloggers like me, we have a catbird seat to the betrayal, lust for money, and backstabbing behavior directed at the Good Old Boys courtesy of Donald Trump and might I add, Citizens United. I ain’t mad at Trump. The exact racist rhetoric perpetrated by Trump years ago, was condoned by the Good Old Boys, but guess what? Today, Trump exposed how the Good Old Boys detest Hispanic immigrants and since the Republican Party is an extension of the Good Old Boys, it goes without saying, Republicans feel the same way. Now that the cat is out of the bag, hilarity proceeds. The Good Old Boys coupled with Republicans are desperately trying to catch that cat to put him back in the bag, but to no avail. The moral of this story is, “She who laughs last, laughs longest.”

When stack up against Equality, or might I say, Hillary Clinton’s supporters, the Good Old Boys never had a chance. You better recognize, just saying! ;-D

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