Trump Represents The Good Old Boys Club

You won’t hear this on FOX, but Donald Trump represents, is an mirror image of, has the exact DNA of the Good Old Boys. What Trump revealed was how orange really is the new black in the Good Old Boys Club. But, I’ll give credit to the Hispanic leaders for revealing the Good Old Boy’s Achilles Heel, i.e., “Boycott.” Yea buddy, astute observers are in the catbird seat, not only do we get another glimpse inside the minds of the Good Old Boys, thanks to Donald Trump, but now we know that they are weak-kneed. How ya like them apples? As far as this macabre of Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric, it was condoned by the Good Old Boys you know, the Walmart, Macy’s, NASCAR, etc… in the past when Trump targeted our 44th President, but today they find Trump offensive. Now that’s hilarious.

Who would have thunk it, that Donald Trump would seize the Hispanic vote, hold them hostage, and so far, been unfazed by the Walmart’s, Macy’s, NASCAR, etc… attempts to release the hostages. Oh snap, the Good Old Boys failed so far, but all is not lost, here’s what I’m thinking, that their strategy [Good Old Boys] is to pay the ransom note, plus it’s a good thing that Jeb Bush has such an enormous war chest, wink, wink! ;-D

Truth be told, Donald Trump is just like the rest of us in one way, we want attention from large crowds of people. We want others to pay attention to us, buy our ideas and/or products, and help make us wealthier. C’mon, you can’t blame Donald Trump for discovering Texas Tea, black gold, by holding the Hispanic vote hostage from the Republicans. Since the Republicans are the political party of the Good Old Boys, we also get to see, just how good Donald Trump’s negotiation skills are. How much would you pay for the release of the Hispanic vote? Yea, I know, it’s awesome!

Listen, we knew this day was coming, I mean, it was just a matter of time before the Good Old Boy’s dirty laundry would be made public. Donald Trump is a lifetime member of the Good Old Boy’s Club, and he revealed one of their many secrets, i.e. their true feelings about Hispanic immigrants.

The silver lining in all this, is that Hillary supporters are centered in the power of the moment. We’re  aligned with Equality, Infinite Wisdom, and honor our worthiness and every American’s worthiness to receive abundance. Relax, we got this! ;-D

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