Political Power Brokers

You know, I was really minding my own business, when suddenly he came out of no where. He seduced me at once, I was mesmerized, taken in by his charm. Then I’d Googled his name and boy was I not disappointed, he is a force to be reckon with. He is President & CEO of the USHCC, Javier Palomarez. All I can say is, “Jeb Bush and his supporters better recognize.”  While I’m on the subject, it was revealing how Trump exposed the Republican’s immigration plan, you know, “You Gotta Go.” The Republicans won’t say this is public, but Trump let the cat out of the bag. All the money in Jeb Bush’s war chest, can’t erase that truth. It’s ironic how Trump was held in high esteem when he was maligning our 44th President often and without backlash from Walmart, Macy’s, NASCAR, etc, but as soon as Trump maligned Hispanic voters, well the rest is history. I ain’t mad at the backlash, my question to Walmart, Macy’s and others is, “How soon will the pay rate for hourly workers rise to a livable wage?” Why stop at reprimanding Trump because he spoke ill of immigrants, why not put your money where your mouth is. C’mon, Jeb Bush, Americans are the hardest working people on this planet, and your answer is work more hours. Where is the love? ;-D

Speaking of love, Hillary Clinton gets it. She’s aligned with Income Equality and if we listen to our hearts instead of the callous disregard for the rights and feelings of American workers, (Talking about you Jeb Bush) then we’ll receive the abundance that we’ve earned.

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