Trump’s Blue Chip Stocks

Listen, we all have some kind of aspiration, I’m as excited about my, all things Hillary, as much as watching Donald Trump sell his blue chip betrayal stocks. C’mon, Trump has the GOP by their wallets. The calculator on Trump’s desk has been adding up millions of millions of dollars, to be paid quid pro quo, i.e., I’ll shut my mouth and go away, GOP pays me millions of dollars, or else. Trump hit Texas Tea, when he publicly disparaged Hispanics and if he didn’t know before, he knew almost immediately after his poll numbers rose expeditiously. Talk about political capital, Trump has plenty. Pulling the trump card just got a whole new meaning.

I personally think that a war chest with over 100 million dollars will come in handy when paying off any traitor. Listen, I ain’t mad at Jeb Bush, quid pro quo is written all over his forehead. Everyone can see it, just saying. Money can’t buy you love, but thanks to Citizens United, quid pro quo just got a whole new meaning.

The best part of this Trump storm, besides holding the Hispanic vote hostage, is how timid, weak, spineless each of the 2016 GOP candidates really are. Don’t get me started on Reince Priebus, the susto, weak-kneed, and wimpy Chairman of the RNC. Like taking candy from a baby, Trump verbally annihilated Priebus.

Republicans embraced Donald Trump until his Benedict Arnold persona came to light. Oh, what a wicked web of deceit, dishonesty, and confederate flag drama, Republican style.

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