All Things Hillary

Listen, I’ll admit, I was angry about receiving my, “Dear John,” letter from MSNBC. My favorite MSNBC Hosts that I’d watched for years, dumped me and other Hillary Clinton supporters, for greener pastures. What’s a girl like me suppose to do? I know, ease the pain of rejection that other Hillary supporters are dealing with. OK, let me clarify, I’m a 100% Hillary supporter, wasn’t always the case, especially after then, Senator Clinton voted on October 11, 2002 in favor of the Iraq war resolution. Like millions of Progressive supporters, I’d felt betrayed. Fast forward to February 10, 2007, when Senator Barack Obama made his announcement seeking the 2008 Democratic nomination for the Presidency. Yes, I was still holding onto my grudge against Senator Clinton, and that made it easier for me to support Senator Obama 100%. Oh, hell yes, I was a happy and willingly participant in the Senator Obama and Senator Clinton’s primary challenge debacle. It was brutal, but at least our corporate media apparatus was reaping the benefits. However, after the 2008 Presidential elections, my support for our 44th United States President never wavered. Even in the darkest days of his Presidency when it felt like every die hard President Obama supporter, vilified, crucified and maligned him 24/7. On the other hand, it was a wake up call for me to publicly support our President and on October of 2011, that’s exactly what I did on Twitter. It was also at this time that I’d became aware that President Obama was aligned with Infinite Patience. Not only that, I’d felt aligned to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, which surprised me the most. Long story short, I’m not interested in participating in today’s corporate media’s Clinton’s and Bernie’s 2016 Democratic primaries challenges, because, “All Things Hillary,” has its benefits. Don’t get me twisted, MSNBC has longevity, because they do divide and conquer politics better than any other cable news outlet. Listen, I’m not mad at my favorite MSNBC Hosts for dumping Hillary Clinton’s supporters for greener pastures, i.e. Bernie Sanders’s supporters, no just the opposite, they gave me an unique opportunity and for that, I’m happy.

Where is the love for 100% Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters? Right here, because, “All things Hillary” is an idea whose time has come.

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