Good News

Believe this or not, but those two words actually offended a co-worker of mine, some time ago, but more interesting than that, I was the perpetrator. First off, who in their right mind gets offended by these two words, “Good news?” C’mon, what’s more pleasurable than hearing those words? However, what started out as my way of informing a co-worker, via email, about work related changes, turned into a surreal confrontation between the recipient of my email (Serena) and yours truly. Imagine my surprise when Serena came to my office, asked to speak to me, but insisted we go to the break room. Unbeknownst to me at this time was that I’d offended Serena some five days earlier with my email, and she was still holding a grudge. Immediately after entering the break room, Serena approached the first table, while I stood next to the same table, waiting for her to proceed. What happened next was off the wall. Out of no where Serena produced many photos in her hand and began this bazaar and agitated show and tell routine. She flipped over the first photo onto the table and smugly declared, “This is my house, now that’s good news.” Then she flipped over another photo and smugly declared, “This is my living room, now that’s good news.” Picture this, I was as dumbfounded as ever and knew I’d looked as confused as ever, because Serena’s behavior made no sense. WTF, I’d asked myself, then it occurred to me that maybe this was Serena’s way of submitting an article for the monthly employee newsletter that I was in charge of. So, now I’m doing my happy dance. I’d turned my attention away from Serena and began wondering how to get her photos onto the pages of my newsletter. I was elated, then the rabbit hole appeared. Serena stopped her antics of flipping photos, stood on her high horse and smugly said, “Well, since you emailed me about good news, I’d thought I show you some good news.” Then it dawn on me how seriously deranged and unhinged Serena was. Hell yea, I’d started backing up and went into survival mode. I’d looked around the room for a weapon to defend myself, while pretending not to be afraid, but was actually terrified this woman would become violent towards me. Was it just me, or do you think Serena was destined for a long stay at a psychiatric hospital? Luckily for me, Serena is a gift that keeps on giving.

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