I Do Have Another Choice

For what seemed like an eternity, was being unaware of my other choice. Today, I’m here to tell you, that I do have another choice. What is this other choice, you asked? Well, my friends, it’s my higher consciousness. Today, I can respond to contentious people, or contentious reality, with my ego or with my higher consciousness. Yes, I’ll admit, I’d relied on my ego to the degree that I’d felt angry, self-pity, revenge, jealousy, and any other negative emotion you can think of, and get this, on a 24/7 basis. Thank GOD. Seriously, for decades I was an ego-driven addict. I could write a book about it! ;-D How did I go from being an ego-driven addict to growth beyond ego and fear? I didn’t, it’s a choice I make everyday. Guess what, today it finally made sense, now I know, I do have another choice.

When I’d allowed others to define me, I was lost. I’d felt lost, I’d behaved lost, and too often, looked lost. Then I’d decided to be my own own expert and allow others the same privilege. I said this with kindness to my harshest critics, my ego and contentious people, “I’m a success, to the degree that I feel warm and loving towards myself.” Bloggers grow beyond ego one new post at a time, because we get to play in the ocean of abundance. Boohay! ;-D

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