Judging Others Is A Manifestion Of Our Fears

Do my eyes deceive me? Whenever I’m judging others, I’m keeping my eyes on their transgressions, while turning a blind eye to my own transgressions. It’s staggering how many times I’ve been guilty of deceiving myself. I must say, I could write a book about it. Bottom line, knowing that, and feeling that today, I want out of the judgmental business. Seriously, at best, being judgmental is nothing more than being a saboteur, at worst, a big waste of time. So, why did I do it? That’s a good question, but a better question, how do I remain peaceful and less judgmental? C’mon we’ve all been there, you know, criticizing others harshly, to the degree of having a callous disregard for their feelings. All I know is, that I can dish it out, but I can’t take it. This behavior doesn’t impress me as much as it use to. It was dumb while it lasted, but hey, if your desires are to avoid going down this road again, you’re come to the right truck stop cafe. On the menu, we have, “Bin there, dump that,” meal and you can wash it down with some “Reaching my full potential” drink. It comes in many flavors, Happiness, Joy, Excitement, and my favorite, Optimism.

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