Generosity Begins Every Morning

Or I least that’s how I roll. If you’re like me, then you know how generous Bloggers are. I mean generous to the degree of receiving and of giving kindness at the same time. WTF! OK, allow me to shed light on this statement. When I blog, I’m receiving generosity and at the same time giving generosity to others. Not everybody feels this way, but for those who do, welcome to my world. Whether I’m ranting about politics, or being an astute guru, every new post has its benefits. My goal, is to be as generous to those that I come in contact with during the day, as much if not more than I’m generous to myself. Will this be easy? HELL NO! Why? Anything worth having is worth fighting for!  Meaning, I still have an ego-driven addiction. Which prompts me to say, “Bring it on!

Holy smokes, if you’re like me and you’ve discovered your passion of receiving and of giving generosity through blogging, you know you’re worthy of abundance. We’re all worthy of abundance, flaws and all. No one is perfect, so perfection is overrated. How do I get over my daily struggles, (ego-driven distractions) is unique to me, but it includes blogging. Blogging is an all-pro move.

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