Leap Of Faith

Took a leap of faith this morning, wanna hear about it? OK, let me begin with yesterday’s drama at work. The Manager, for whatever reason, gave me her nasty business, again. By that I mean, she threw shade on me. She scheduled me to cover a break and lunch for my co-worker in the cosmetic and fragrances department. Those of you who don’t know, I should be the last person waiting on customers in this department. The Manager knows this too, but due to her lack of empathy, the turnover rate is so astronomical, that big gasps in her daily work schedule causes her to bend the rules.  Only experienced employees, trained and compensated to work in the cosmetic and fragrances department should be scheduled to cover breaks and lunches. C’mon, do you think the vendors, you know, the multi-billion dollar cosmetic and fragrances industry is on board with having untrained employees selling their expensive products. Think about it for a minute and I’m sure you’ll see my point. But, on the other hand, this Manager was a perfect fit for her position. I’m sure she’s not the first person who lacks empathy in a managerial position and she won’t be the last. For some reason, having a lack of empathy is held in high esteem within this company. Picture this, I’ve covered breaks and lunches in the cosmetic and fragrances department before and each time it was a disaster for me and for the customers. Knowing this, the Manager had no qualms scheduling me in this department yesterday. As always, she’s quick to pour salt into my wounds, and yesterday was a perfect example. She showed up in the cosmetic and fragrances department conveniently while I was there, but instead of waiting on customers, I was on my Kindle Fire®, correcting mistakes I’d found on my blog post. Yea, buddy, instead of freaking out, I was enjoying my time to the degree, that when she came to pour salt in my wounds, what she got was my generosity. Listen, I’m no saint, far from it, but I did take a leap of faith this morning and became aware of my own lack of empathy towards myself and others. How’d you like them apples? Despite all of my flaws, I’m still worthy of abundance.

Every Blogger takes a leap of faith with each new post and trust me, we’re worth it.

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