Infinite Patience And Her Many Disguises

Back in the early 1980’s while living in Omaha Nebraska, I went to a horse racing track, and who would have thunk it! I met Infinite Patience in one of her many disguises. Trust me, I wasn’t even aware of what Infinite Patience was, (it’s only recently that I’ve come to know this awareness) back then it was just an instinctive feeling. What did I do, I’d secretly (from my husband) bet four dollars on a horse and her odds went off at 100 to 1. Here’s the best part, she won the race. I kid you not, but the look on those other gamblers I’d encountered after the race was priceless. It taught me one thing, that I’m worthy of abundance. Needless to say, the lines for the payout counters were small. How much d id I win? Four hundred dollars and some change.

Feeling Infinite Patience when blogging everyday, has its benefits. For one thing, it’s fun, I mean, where else can you express yourself in unlimited ways. Listen, I was recently viewing hip-hop/Rap music videos and I’d immediately noticed that there was one consistent image. You know where I’m going with this, you’re right, it was scantly dressed girls and non-stop tweaking. Interesting enough, the camera’s focus, strictly behind these girls back side, or front side. To tell you the truth, I don’t remember any of the lyrics or most of the performers, I was too busy judging these girls. Then it occurred to me how these girls willingly or unwillingly, elected to earn a living in a deadly competitive, expensive, and short term career. Think about how many up and coming younger girls, (rookies) enter this career each year, not to mention the high cost of cosmetic surgeries and other expenses, and how the old casting couch theory runs rampant in this genre. But despite all this and many other obstacles, these girls convinced me that they had plenty of courage, fortitude, and tenacity. I say this with kindness, “I’m worthy of success because it takes courage, fortitude, and tenacity to blog everyday, so who am I to judge?” 

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