I Make Blogging Look Easy

Say you don’t! Say you don’t make blogging look easy, because you do. Would I lie to you? My blog site had been an extension of another blog site for a long time, and trust me, I was extremely happy doing it. It was fun, as a matter of fact, I was having the time of my blogging life. Now you can see why I couldn’t wait to visit another blog site, and why my own blog site felt more like a chore. That has all changed for the better.

If you’re looking for clues to transform your blog site from being a chore to being fun, look in the mirror. What I’d discovered that doing stretching exercises and meditating each morning, was a great prerequisite to blogging. Then to stay grounded after blogging, I’d found that cleaning my bathrooms works for me. Something about cleaning a toilet or two that keeps me humble. I go from blogging to housekeeper, zero to hundred, real quick. ;-D

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