The Power Of Forgiveness

It had come to my attention, that being seduced by a contentious national debate regarding the confederate flag, was a kneejerk reaction. No sooner than that happened, the power of forgiveness coupled with an abundance of Equality embraced me. If you’re aligned with that power of forgiveness, I feel your peace. If not, then, maybe you’re aligned with finding scapegoats for your transgressions. Word up, that flag ain’t big enough to conceal all of your transgressions, just saying

Just call me the, “Gatekeeper.” Meaning, I’m in charge of selecting which stories are allowed to enter the gate and become my new post on my blog. I can only speak for myself, but I’m from a era where  writers needed the permission of a, “Gatekeeper” to get their work published. Today, I’m excited to join the, Gatekeeper” club. Oh, what a feeling, seriously, let me paint you a picture. Back in the late 1990’s, I’d submitted a short story to a local and monthly newspaper for publication. You can’t imagine my excitement after I’d laid my eyes on my first published work. Holy smokes, it felt so addictive. In other words, I was forever hooked and submitted more of my stories to that and other publications to hopefully see them get published. Even the fear of rejection didn’t deter me, but I can admit that rejection felt brutal. If you’re afraid of being rejection, I feel you! However, now that I’m a, “Gatekeeper” I have a new perspective. With so many stories to chose from, I can only pick one story per day. The others stories are waiting to enter the gate. Rejection isn’t in my vocabulary and knowing that and feeling that, is peaceful.

You and I are worthy of abundance.

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