Progress Not Perfection

Like I’d mentioned before, I had no business writing a Blog, because I suck at writing. If you thought my blog postings were/are literary challenged, don’t read any of my books, not that you could, of course, they’ll never get published. If only I didn’t like writing so much, but I do, as a matter of fact, I love writing. OK, enough of me, hold up, one more thing. I do admired anyone brave enough to start and maintain a blog site. It took more courage than I thought I had. So, in my unique opinion, starting my blog was like starting my own business. Think about it, c’mon, you feel me, you’re as much of an entrepreneur as I am. Whether I’m being ego-driven or growth beyond my ego, expressing my opinions via my Blog site, priceless. Consistency is one key to a successful Blog. Consistently investing in myself with this mantra, i.e., “I choose peace,” and then reaping the benefits. Any arguments that I’ve had, for example, I’m not smart enough or talented enough, or disciplined enough to blog, I’d said, “So what?” Any past indiscretions or skeletons I have in my closet, will not keep me from reaching your full potential to successfully blog, because I feel worthy. Listen, progress not perfection is another key to successful blogging, if you have something to say, just blog it. One more mantra, “I’m my own expert and I allow other Bloggers the same privilege.”

If you’ve come to play, welcome to my play pen. Blogging is fun, just saying! ;-D

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