Just Blog It

I come in peace, so relax, I’m going to share with you a hilarious and true story about me. On occasion, I would watch QVC®, because I was fascinated by this television shopping genre. In the early 2000, I’d became a member of this unique club, after applying for and receiving approval for a QVC® credit card. The next thing I knew, I had an obsession with and started collecting, “Dooney & Bourke®” purses, with the help of my QVC® credit card. Then in 2010, my finances were hit by a level five tornado, I’d lost of my job and endured long term unemployment and was unable to pay my bills. How bad was finding a job, well know this “Day Labor” agencies were no longer accepting applications, because they had more workers than jobs available. Never thought I’d admit this is public, but I’d eventually filed for bankruptcy. Long story short, I was watching QVC® yesterday, saw a product, decided to purchase it, called the 1-800 number and was rejected and given the middle finger by the Rep from QVC®, and it was well deserved. At first, I was extremely embarrassed, then I thought, “How egotistical of me to think that after listing my QVC® account as a debt to be forgiven in my bankruptcy, meaning I’d shafted QVC®, that I could just waltz back several years later and start buying from QVC®? Very egotistical and then some. Which brings me to this, If you’re stuck when it comes to your own Blog site and you feel it’s more of a chore, know this, you’re not alone, sh*t happens, I mean, our egos are good at misleading us all the time. Look, I’m a flawed person, so what, being perfect is overrated, who needs perfection when you can just blog!

Are you sitting on a pot of gold? Your blog site could be worth more than you think. Just saying.

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