I Broke Up With A Friend, But Met A New Friend

You heard the old saying, “When one door closes, a window opens?” Well, that’s exactly what happened to me yesterday. I broke up with a really good friend, but less than twenty-four hours later,I’d met a new friend. Just so you know, the friend I broke up with, was a Liberal Blog called, “The Daily Kos.” Don’t get it twisted, I still have a great deal of admiration towards that Blog site, but it was time for me to move on. The best part, the new friend in my life, my own Blog site. Up until yesterday, my Blog felt like, “a chore” while the other Blog site felt like, “Play.” So much so, that on a daily basis, my visits to the other Blog site were frequent. To say that I’d spend up to four hours per day navigating throughout the other Blog site, would be an understatement. It was instant gratification on steroids and I was loving it. Listen, I take full responsibility for the break up and truthfully, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll always be grateful, but I’m looking forward to my future in blogging.

Listen, I know I suck at writing, believe me, I’m at the bottom of the totem pole, but it won’t deter me from improving. C’mon, I can only go up from here, so I’m looking forward to my future in blogging. Will I miss, “The Daily Kos?” More than you’ll ever know, but I’m actively in charge of my own Blog site now, and boy what a feeling.

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