Miracles Do Happen

To anyone paying attention, the spectacle known as Donald Trump, was the last nail in the conservative ideology coffin. It took several decades, but the eulogy by Donald Trump was hilariously funny. His critique of Republicans, especially their great white hope, Jeb Bush, were frightening true. You won’t hear this on FOX, but moderate Republicans have the opportunity to march into hell for a heavenly cause. Give Donald Trump the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination in order to annihilate the Extremists from their party? Our mission, should we accept it, encourage moderate Republicans to support Donald Trump’s candidacy. Just saying! ;-D

Speaking of the great white hope, Jeb Bush and his tactic of playing both ends of immigration reform has its benefits. Betrayal and deceit come to my mind. While privately brown nose the racist in the Republican party, Jeb Bush will publicly support immigration reform, wink, wink. His quid pro quo with corrupt Hispanic leaders, done deal. C’mon, the truth will set you free, because racist, homophobic, and paranoid voters are diminishing faster than the icebergs from global warming. The Republican party has no choice, it needs the Hispanic vote. I don’t blame Jeb Bush, because no one does betrayal and deceit better than the Bush Dynasty. Look at it this way, when a Donald Trump defeats a Jeb Bush, moderate Republicans will take back their political Party. Just saying!

Vision this, once Donald Trump secures the 2016 GOP Presidential nomination, that’s when the real fun begins. FOX will no longer be a cult for psychopathic Billionaires. The Extremists will be forced out of the Republican Party by moderate Republicans. We’ll elect another Progressive President. Donald Trump will be the poster child for the first 21st Century Trojan Horse. Moderate Republicans and Progressive Liberals will expand Democracy and the Extremists coupled with those psychopathic Billionaires will form their own political party and seek revenge against everyone. ;-D

Relax, she got this! Oh, and by the way, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Voting Equality, Healthcare Equality, you feeling me?

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