The GOD Complex Episode VI

Just call me the interpreter, of the language known as the GOD Complex and allow me to interpret an excerpt of Jeb Bush’s announcement for his campaign for the Presidency. So, without further ado, “Hi, I’m Jeb Bush, it’s no coincidence that I want my family to be the first triple crown winners of the Presidency. My family’s supremacy is undeniable and our seeds will be passed on to the next generations of Global Domination Warriors. My family’s legacy will remain intact by any means necessary. Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, to keep me from being the top Predator in the GOP’s 2016 field of candidates. Jeb Bush had the crowd cheering with every scripted word coming out of his ventriloquist mouth. Then, for a brief moment, Jeb Bush got distracted, went off script, and threw his entire audience under the bus and the best part, the audience was clueless. Jeb Bush supported “meaningful Immigration Reforms”   Oops, I’m betting Jeb Bush’s people spent all night putting out this forest fire of brutal betrayal, because some of us caught his betrayal, but not all of us were happy about it. Hearing how Jeb Bush had abandoned his base for greener pastures, was the best scam perpetrated this week.

Was it just me, or did you witness one of Mitt Romney’s initiation into the Billionaire Boys Club? You know, where old, stale, and outdated wealthy men, buy and sell politicians at will. Where our Government is nothing more than commodity trading gone amok. C’mon, tell me you heard or read Romney’s response to Hillary Clinton’s speech. OK, here’s the best part, in order to fulfill his GOD Complex, Romney called Hillary a phony.  If anybody knows a thing or two about being a phony, Mitt Romney is on top of that list. So, my question to Romney is, “Does this mean Hillary is equal to you in every way?” Now that’s one interpretation I don’t think Romney meant. He inadvertently gave Hillary a compliment in his own special way. Listen, I ain’t mad at Mitt for expressing his admiration for Hillary Clinton, I get it, but more importantly did Mitt pass his first initiation test into the Billionaire Boys Club? Stay tune for some more GOP betrayal.

Oh, and by the way, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Voting Equality, Healthcare Equality, Education Equality, you feeling me? ;-D

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