The GOD Complex Episode V

You didn’t think that our friendly neighborhood GOD complex Republican would not come out swinging at Hillary Clinton. Our Bridegate mastermind, aka, Chris Christie, and may I just add, the best Tony Soprano impersonator bar none, deferred to Hillary as being just another Elizabeth Warren. Now to be fair, Christie and I had the same reaction to Hillary’s speech last Saturday. Here’s the best part, our corporate media apparatus interpreted Christie’s response as, “Christie jabs Hillary Clinton, Based on what Christie said about Hillary’s speech, “I thought that Elizabeth Warren wasn’t running.” Well guess what Christie, so did I, “Surprise.” What a happy surprise for me, just saying! ;-D  Hearing from Christie, let me know one thing, he may want to rethink his use of the “How to hide that you peed in public” tactic, it didn’t work for him. Oops, maybe next time, if Christie doesn’t get indicted for masterminding Bridgegate. Again, we witnessed how the GOD Complex is nothing more or less as entertaining as any other reality show. Stay tune for more of, “The GOD Complex.” Where the corrupt, callous, deceitful, greedy, and my favorite,delusional, manipulators lives, work, and schemes everyday. An ocean of lies, dishonesty, and vilifying others in order to foster a sense of inadequacy in those willingly or unwillingly compliant. An exclusive club for the Richard Nixons on steroids. A bountiful feast of hypocrisy, you feeling me?

Hey, Gordon Gekkos wanna be, others may know you as Wall Street Predators, karma is a mitch. Hey, Religious Extremists, aka The GOD Complex, isn’t karma a mitch? Hey, Snake Oil Salesmen/women, aka, Republicans, isn’t karma a mitch. Welcome to the 21st Century of politics, where equality rules, aka Democracy.

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