The GOD Complex Episode IV

Please mark your calendars on June 13, 2015, because that’s the date the GOD complex, our corporate media apparatus unleashed the Kraken on Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yea buddy, we can look forward to, but not limited to, “Their Fashion Police Strategy.” You know, where some political pundits began taunting Hillary by judging her looks. In these pundit’s mind, Hillary won’t be able to stand up to criticism, because women are inherently weak. Or, we’ll hear some political pundits use the, “Don Juan Strategy.” You know, charm Hillary just long enough to betray her. Their belief, Hillary like every woman, is easily manipulated. Or, my favorite, “The Shaming Strategy.” You know shame Hillary for daring to think she’s equal to men. These pundits have a problem with a female President, because only men should apply. With so much to look forward to, I’m excited about my future in Blogging about, “The GOD Complex.

Speaking of using, “The Shaming Strategy,” Pro-life logic goes like this, abortion is to blame for every man-made, or natural disaster. My only question is, “How cozy are they to their GOD Complex?” Personally, I’m excited because Pro-Life fanatics have numerous skeletons, all waiting for their coming out party. Again, I’m excited about my future in Blogging.

She makes campaigning for the Presidency look so easy, when we all know it’s not, but that’s just one of her many talents. Say what you want about Hillary Rodham Clinton, but she is phenomenal.

Speaking of phenomenal, Americans receiving Social Security payments are Royalty. The retirement age of fifty sound excellent and SS payments should be double the minimum wage. Oh, and by the way, single-payer healthcare access from the first to the last breath. Income Equality means more money deposited into the Social Security fund, think about it! ;-D

Make no mistake, ego-driven addicts masquerading as the moral authority are fascinating people. Behold, the greatest political scam of the 20th Century called, “Conservatism.”

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