The GOD Complex Episode III

Unbeknownst to one of our favorite misguided politician, ex-Texas Gov. Rick Perry, his knee jerk response to Hillary Clinton’s voter equality speech, revealed his two biggest vulnerabilities, aka, felony indictments for abusing his power. Yea buddy, it’s safe to say, Rick Perry came out swinging, but knocked himself out of this election. C’mon, who died and left Rick Perry GOD? Or better yet, what planet does Rick Perry live on? Planet Delusion, if you ask me. But, hey, I ain’t mad at Rick Perry, his maniac behavior is very lucrative to Bloggers like me.  His deeply rooted GOD complex easily minimize his two felony indictments, talk about delusional.

You won’t hear this on FOX, but the TAA Bi-partisanship vote was a stroke of genius for President Obama. Seriously, 302 House Representatives found common ground which is exactly what President Obama said he could do. Was it just me, are did you see some bi-partisanship scriptures going on in Washington this past week?  Who would have thunk it, that President Obama received unfavorable reviews. As in, he was defeated, crushed, and given the middle finger by Democrats. Oh, and my favorite, the Dems are infighting, it’s a mad house, because Dems are scared of Unions. Dem same Unions that Republicans crippled, annihilated, and desecrated on their way to voter suppression? Which is it, Dem Unions are weak, are Dem Unions are powerful.  Can’t have it both ways Republican, but then again, it might explain your haste in vilifying President Obama again, and singing the praises of his demise, when in reality, Republicans are on the receiving end of a devastating betrayal. Oops, now the cat is out of the bag. ;-D

You also won’t hear this on Fox, but Hillary Rodham Clinton is aligned with Infinite Wisdom.

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