The GOD Complex, Episode I

In his rush to showcase his homophobic attributes, Franklin Graham boycotts pro-gay bank, but hilariously and inadvertently displayed his delusions of deity. C’mon, Franklin Graham took his ill-gotten money to another pro-gay bank. Now to an astute observer, Franklin Graham is nothing more than a predator always looking for individuals to scam or swindled. Listen, there’s a same-sex skeleton in another Religious Leader’s closet and it’s up to a tabloid magazine to give it a coming out party. This is your official invitation.

Cranking out racist, homophobic, and paranoid rhetoric on a twenty-four hour, seven days ritual, FOX is the Scapegoat capital of the world. Seriously, when confronted by failure and in order to fulfilled their high opinion of themselves, FOX hosts are Narcissists on steroids. Their GOD complex is in alignment with the Franklin Grahams of this world. I pity the fools entrapped in FOX’s web of insidious dishonesty. No, I take that back, I don’t pity them, they’re part of this story.

Love hearing from those political pundits all suffering from, “Delusions of deity.” C’mon, their shaming tactics against Hillary Clinton are DOA. Also, is it just me, or does Hillary Clinton emulate Infinite Wisdom to the degree that she’s attracting to her campaign the center, left, and right. Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but she’s on a path to the White House that is less traveled. You know, the path of Equality.

On the next episode of, “The GOP Complex,”  The only thing necessary for the triumph of bad cops, is for good cops to do nothing.”

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