GOD Forgives Those Who Trespassed Against Obamacare

Now, do you get it? ;-D OK, lets move forward, here’s my suggestion, let’s change the dialogue on the healthcare debate to, “How will you feel, knowing that we, as in every American, has access to a single-payer healthcare system?  Relax, whatever the John Roberts’s court decides, we’ll be un-fazed by their revenge tactics and quickly move forward on our path to single-payer healthcare. This journey will be a good one, because I’m looking forward to new challenges to my belief that you and I are worthy of a single-payer healthcare system, will you join me? #singlepayerhealthcare

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.

Denis Waitley

Oh, and by the way, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Voting Equality, and Healthcare Equality. Booyah! ;-D

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