Say What?

Tell me with a smile, :-), that you just witnessed one of Hillary Clinton’s brilliant strategies. You know what I’m talking about, voter equality. I’m on to something, because political pundits either felt astounded or aghast towards Hillary, because of her alignment with Infinite Wisdom.  Say what? Oh, you don’t know, well, I’ll tell ya, “Infinite Patience paved the way for Infinite Wisdom.” ;-D

Ok, I’m going to sound like a commercial, but, “Relax, we’re in good hands.” I say this because of my own challenges to remain centered, in the storm of negativity that swirled/swirls around me everyday. I’m fortunate that I was given a great teacher of Infinite Patience and he taught me, and anyone else paying attention, lessons in manifesting our destiny.  Say What?  “Infinite Patience produces immediate results. The result it produces is peace.” ;-D

Duality and why I appreciate Republicans for what they bring to the table of abundance. Republicans are ego-driven, just the opposite of heart conscience. Honestly and speaking only for myself, I’ll admit that I’m ego-driven too, I feel you ego-driven people and thank you because your stories are lucrative for Bloggers like me. Relax, keep doing what you’re doing, because I enjoy blogging. Please don’t change.

Oh and by the way, everyone, you, me , us, them, however you want to say it, are worthy of Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Voter Equality, you feeling me? ;-D

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