Delusions Of Deity

And the delusional people who love them. Politicians driven by delusions of deity are aplenty, especially the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates. Holy smokes, does it get any better than this for Bloggers? I mean, c’mon, we have an abundance of stories, all centered on how Conservatives constructed elaborate web of lies, to conceal their destructive behavior. How its never their fault for their failed conservative ideology. You won’t read this on FOX, but the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates, all left enormous and steaming piles of excrement (lies, distortions, callousness, narcissism, and holier than thou behavior) on their path to the White House, and somehow think their stank don’t stink. Listen, they’re so delusional, they believed Citizens United gave them enough money to produce endless snake oil tonic, the preferred drink of delusional people. I rest my case!

Women, c’mon, you feeling me, we deserves a lot more that what Conservatives are offering us, which by the way, is a lifetime of oppression. Thanks, but no thanks. Not only that, women run this world, so get use to it. C’mon, you won’t hear this statement on FOX, but “Women are infallible,” don’t believe me, just watch! ;-D

We have a Phenom, she’s aligned with Infinite Wisdom and on a mission called, “Equality.” Income Equality, Marriage Equality, Voting Equality, you get the picture. Oh, and by the way, the scandals and skeletons from politicians driven by delusions of deity, are enough to keep a billion Bloggers busy. I ain’t mad at Jeb, Chris, Scott, Marco, Ben…

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