She Is A Phenom

I’m speaking of Hillary Clinton, of course. Listen, don’t get it twisted, Hillary was born with Infinite Wisdom, so stop sweating over the dumb stuff. You know, pretending that Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, or any of the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates have any intelligence beyond kowtowing to Extremists. Is it just me, or do you like having a front row seat watching all the 2016 GOP Presidential candidates indulge in their narcissism. Holy smokes, their need for admiration is reason enough to campaign for the GOP nomination. It can also be said that their narcissistic behavior includes, but is not limited to, being self-centered, arrogant, or selfish, gotta love them! ;-D How is it that the GOP can still exploit their constituents? Because our corporate media apparatus holds narcissism in high esteem. Something about ratings and profits. A Phenom defeats Narcissists, will not be televised on FOX.

From the, “Hypocrisy,” files, we now know that while Dennis Hastert supported anti-gay legislation, his skeletons were dancing in the closet getting ready for their big debut. Like all the other moralists before him, Dennis Hastert is delusional. Here’s the real deal, “Bible Thumpers will continue to gay-bash until the second before their skeletons come out the closet.”  

Oh, and by the way, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, Marriage Equality, and Voting Equality.

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