Rick Perry’s Exaggerated Beliefs

While facing two felony charges for abusing his power, Rick Perry decided to live on planet Grandiosity. His exaggerated high opinion of himself, coupled with his sense of entitlement are two hysterically funny gifts. Some may find Rick Perry’s behavior offensive, but after you read this, you’ll just view him as another narcissistic politician. C’mon, Rick Perry can’t help himself, in order to fulfill his sense of superiority, he desperately needs admiration from others. Did you see those people admiring Perry during his White House bid speech? I rest my case?

Chicken Little syndrome is back and just in time for the 2016 Presidential election. The sky is falling, will be an reoccurring warning for Hillary Clinton and why not, she’s the one to beat. I get it, political pundits had invested heavily into their mass hysteria tactics, it’s good for ratings and profits. Nobody wants a one horse race, or do we? How fun would it be, watching all the GOP Presidential candidates contriving to evoke sympathy because they’re losing to Hillary by double digits? Their fragile narcissistic egos reduced to publicly crying for votes they smugly suppressed with their voter suppression laws. Karma is a bitch!

No matter what, you and I are worthy of Income Equality, Marriage Equality, and Voter Equality.

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