The Darker Side Of Christianity

Thanks to Megyn Kelly from FOX, for throwing a coming out party for Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s darker side. Yea buddy, we were treated to some good old fashion denial, minimizing, arrogance, deceptiveness, ruthlessness, and conniving behavior, all thanks to FOX. Was it me, or did child molestation become the new normal in Christianity. If I didn’t know better, Jim Bob and Michelle wrote the bible on, “How To Get Away With Child Molestation.” C’mon, their sanctimonious behavior was perfect for reality television. Here’s the deal, why don’t FOX give Jim Bob and Michelle a one hour hosting gig, where their darker side can continue to come out.

The next time a holier than thou Christian stands on his/her pulpit and starts preaching about your sins, know this, you have a front row seat to the darker side of Christianity. Yea buddy, our corporate media apparatus holds this holier than thou behavior in high esteem and who could blame them? Seriously, denial is the most insidious form of dishonesty, creates a dependency for living in fear, and is very profitable for our corporate media apparatus. Say what you want about FOX, but their standards of celebrating the callous behavior from holier than thou Christians,deserves some type of award. Let me be the first to suggest, “My sh*t don’t stank” award and this week’s recipients are Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar.

Waiting the the other shoe to drop? Don’t worry, holier than thou Christian’s skeletons are bursting out of their closets. If this were a daily FOX show, the title would be, “The Darker Side Of Christianity,” because this is religious sleight of hand of the worst sort. I’ll give FOX credit, for delighting in this skillful deception.

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